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Notice To Visitors

August 20, 2009 1 comment

Update: I am now working at Donway Ford Lincoln 1975 Eglinton Ave East Toronto. See you soon!

Hi Andy Brooks here. This site is being created to replace my main XPlan website and will be complete within the next 2 months. For XPlan customers who have found this site in a search engine or from a link on and are wondering why I’m running 2 sites this is the answer. Once the site is complete my domain will forward here.

Purchase a vehicle on the Ford XPlan program

What Is X Plan?

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What are the X Plan phone numbers to get my PIN?

Canada 1-877-294-7554 USA 1-877-XPLAN-00 (1-877-975-2600)

Notice to US visitors. Some of the content on this site will not be accurate in the US market place. Vehicle packages and incentives are different in Canada. Feel free to go through the site but contact your local dealer for details on your new vehicle. Thanks for visiting.

• What is X Plan?

X Plan, also know as the Ford Partner Recognition Program, is a program for the employees of Ford suppliers and partner companies. It is designed to assist the employees of these selected companies with the purchase or lease of a new Ford, Lincoln vehicle. The pricing is based on 4 percent above the A Plan price. A Plan is the price that Ford employees pay for a vehicle and is the true “Dead Cost” shown on the vehicle invoice. Every Ford and Lincoln vehicle invoice printed by the Ford Motor Company has the A Plan and the X Plan price printed in the lower center section. Look through this page for more details on the X Plan program.

• Am I an X Plan customer?

That actually depends on where you work or if you know someone who is currently working at Ford or has retired from Ford. The X Plan program is designed to give the employees of partner companies special pricing on their new vehicle purchases. You should contact your companies human resources department or the manager of your department and ask if your company qualifies for X Plan. Ford employees can give four X Plans to friends or neighbours per year.

• How does X-Plan work?

Step 1: Eligible employee obtains Partner Recognition Code from their manager or human resources rep.

Step 2: A Personal Identification Number (PIN) can be obtained by clicking on the to the right or by calling 1-877-294-7554 (Canada), 1-877-XPLAN-00 (U.S.) X-Plan participants will be required to provide their Name, Address, and the last 4 digits in your Social Insurance Number.

Step 3: Participants can contact Andy at Donway Ford Lincoln to arrange the purchase of a Ford or Lincoln vehicle. XPlan customers should identify themselves as a Partner Recognition (X-Plan) participant. Provide the dealer with the last 4 digits in your Social Insurance Number and your X Plan PIN.

Step 4: Select a vehicle.

Step 5: Provide proof of employment by an eligible Ford partner through a pay stub, company ID, business card, etc.

Step 6: Pick up your new vehicle at the dealership .

• Can X Plan customers purchase or lease?

Yes. You can purchase or lease any qualified vehicle. Financing can be done by Ford Credit or from any other source. All Ford and Lincoln leases must be executed through Ford Credit’s Red Carpet Lease.

• Are there restrictions on model years or vehicles that qualify?

Yes, prior model year vehicles are only eligible through March 31st of the current model year. The Super Duty trucks from F-450 and up currently do not qualify for X Plan.

• How long do participants have to keep an X Plan vehicle?

You must keep an X Plan vehicle in your possession and registered in your name for at least six months from the date of purchase or lease.

• I work for an eligible company. How many X Plan’s can I use?

As an X Plan customer you can purchase or lease 2 vehicles per calendar year.

• Can I buy a used vehicle or dealer demo on the X Plan?

No, the X Plan program is designed for new vehicles only. A registered demo does not qualify unless it has less then 200km on the odometer.

• What if I’d like additional options on my vehicle?

Optional equipment installed by the dealership and aftermarket services provided by the dealership are not covered under the X Plan program. The dealership may charge any agreed upon price for these items. Dealer installed equipment or services, such as undercoating, must be individually listed and priced separately on the bill of sale or lease contract.

• Do X Plan customers pay admin or any other fees?

X Plan customers do not pay the dealership admin fee. Licensing costs, PPSA (registering a lien on a vehicle which is leased or financed) and any federal or provincial taxes must be paid. The federal gas tax and green levies must also be collected.

• Are trade-in’s allowed with X Plan?

Yes, your trade in can be a part of your purchase or lease. The trade in will be valued at the true wholesale value as the X Plan program does not allow for trade adjustment within the vehicle price.

• Do X Plan customers qualify other incentives?

Yes, X Plan customers can use most Ford of Canada incentives with the exception of the Grad Rebate. Certain short term incentives may not be combinable with X Plan.

• How do I get an X Plan PIN?

Simply visit or visit Andy at Donway Ford Lincoln 1975 Eglinton Ave East Toronto. The phone number in Canada is 1-877-294-7554 and the US number is 1-877-975-2600. You will need your company’s Partner Code which a manager at your work place will provide you with.

• How long is an X-Plan PIN good for?

PIN’s are good for 12 months from date of issue.

• What if the X Plan PIN provided doesn’t work?

The participant may obtain a forgotten or verify their PIN by logging onto the web site where it was obtained, or by contacting the call center. In either case, it is necessary to reference the participant’s name and Social Insurance Number.

• Can a vehicle be obtained for my business or for another person?

No, vehicles must be titled and registered in the eligible participant’s name for a minimum of six months. X Plan participants can sponsor their spouses.

• Are customers who recently purchased or leased eligible for the program?

This special pricing offer is only available when a customer identifies himself or herself as a participant and provides a PIN prior to completing the purchase or lease transaction. The program is not retroactive.


Get Your 2010 Order In Now!

August 14, 2009 Leave a comment

2010TaurusNow is the best time for XPlan customers to factory order a new Ford or Lincoln 2010 vehicle. Why? Let me explain. Currently Ford of Canada is offering Employee pricing to the general public this includes Ford XPlan customers. When you order a vehicle the current pricing is “rain checked” or guaranteed when the vehicle arrives. For customers using the Ford X Plan program there is a very good chance (strong in some cases) that the incentives will be better when the vehicle arrives using XPlan so at that time I will go over both deals and determine which is best. If you are paying cash chances are the current deal will be the best but if you are financing I’m quite confident it will be better when the vehicle arrives. Either way you are protected on the best price and you will get the exact Ford or Lincoln vehicle you wanted.  The current Employee pricing event ends August 31st.

Call me to discuss this topic.


Lincoln MKT in August

August 12, 2009 Leave a comment

lincoln_mktThe all new Lincoln MKT will be here this month. Below is an intierior view.


Send me an e-mail and I’ll let you know when it’s here.

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Ford Safety

August 11, 2009 Leave a comment

 Ford vehicles have outstanding safety ratings. The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety has the Ford product as “Top Picks” in many classifications. Ford has the most “Top Picks” of any manufacturer. Below are a links to the details on the IIHS website.

Ford Escape
Ford Edge
Ford Taurus
Lincoln MKX
Ford Taurus X
Lincoln MKS
Lincoln MKZ

2010 Taurus

August 11, 2009 Leave a comment

2010TaurusThe all new 2010 Taurus is just around the corner. If you would like to be notified when the new Taurus arrives send me and e-mail with your name to  We expect the 2010 SHO will be a little later then the sedan model.

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Ordering 2010 Vehicles

August 7, 2009 Leave a comment
Many 2010 vehicles like the Escape, Edge, F-150 and Fusion can be ordered from the factory. The Employee Pricing will be rain checked (guaranteed) when it comes in or you can use the Xplan price and the incentives that are offered when it arrives. I can’t say for sure but in years past when I have done this with customers it works out quite a bit better when vehicle arrives using XPlan instead of the Employee pricing.
Call me if you would like to discuss this subject.
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