Recycle Your Ride Program

Contact Andy Today And Recycle Your Ride
Contact Andy Today And Recycle Your Ride

Donway Ford Lincoln 416-751-2200 ask for Andy

Ford of Canada has announced the extension of the Recycle Your Ride program. Starting October 1st 2010 customers can receive up to $3,300 (the extra $300 is on vehicles 1995 or older) for trading in their old car on a new Ford or Lincoln vehicle. The image below shows the credits for the selected vehicles. An additional $300 will be given by the Canadian Government. Combining this program with the  Ford X Plan program is a dream come true for customers who have been holding off trading in their older car.

Update October 1st 2010: Ford of Canada announced an extension of this program Ford Recycle Your Ride program

Contact Andy Brooks at 1-877-61X-PLAN for program details and to arrange a vehicle purchase.

The Recycle Your Ride program as of October 1st 2010 now has exclusions on some 2011 models. See below.

2011 Focus S

2011 Fusion S

2011 Taurus SE 2011 Mustang Value Leader

2011 Escape XLT 4 cylinder manual transmission

2010 & 2011 Lincolns

2011 Edge SE

2011 Flex SE

2011 Explorer Base

2011 Ranger XL

2011 F-150 4×2 Reg Cab XL

Recycle Your Ride Rebates
Recycle Your Ride Rebates

Ford Online Showroom

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