Current Ford Incentives

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UPDATE: After 24 years at the same dealer I am now working at Donway Ford in Toronto. The same great service, the same great price!

The current incentives offered by Ford of Canada in work with your XPlan pricing include:

  • The Ford Winter Safety Package on the Focus Fusion and Escape.
  • 0% financing on the Ford Focus, Fusion, Mustang, Edge and the Ford Flex
  • $1,000 Costco Member Offer on the Ford Edge, Flex, Fusion and Escape.
  • Up to $3,000 for your 1995 (or older) trade in using the “Recycle Your Ride” program.
  • $300 from the Federal government for your 1995 (or older) trade in.
  • Up to $8,000 in dealer credits combinable with your XPlan price!

This is a great time to maximize your Ford X-Plan program price with all the additional incentives Ford is offering. Contact me today so we can discuss your vehicle purchase.


Winter Safety Package

Ford Winter Safety Package

Update October 2017 : I am now at Donway Ford Lincoln in Toronto.

Starting October 1st 2011 customers (including Ford X plan customers) who purchase or lease a  Ford Fiesta, Focus, Fusion or Escape or a Ford Explorer will receive a Ford Winter Safety Package. The package consists of brand name tires and rims. It also includes a tire pressure monitoring system. Contact me to arrange a test drive. I can also help you register your Ford X Plan PIN.  Are Winter Tires neccessary? Winter Safety Tips

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